light and darkness

Light and Darkness, the roots-pop album by Oregon singer-songwriter Neil Bjorklund, features ten original songs. His first recording in over a decade, this set explores the inner landscape of several stages of his life, from the high school look-back of “Yearbook,” to the first love reminiscence of “Hideaway,” to the adult interpersonal politics of “Walk Away.” This musical journey crosses through the territories of folk, roots-pop, and folk-pop, with touches of blues, country, and rock.

Released 2011. Recorded in Eugene, OR and Nashville, TN in 2010. Produced by Neil Bjorklund and Nomad Ovunc.




Neil Bjorklund: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin

Nomad Ovunc: drum kit, piano, keyboards, electric bass

Scott Miller: electric and acoustic guitars

Laura Kemp: harmony vocals

Hannah Prater:  harmony vocals

Jenny Getty: harmony vocals

Mare Wakefield: harmony vocal

Chris Meyers:  harmony vocal

David Isaacs:  acoustic guitar

Will Kimbrough: electric guitar

Mark Schneider: acoustic bass

David Henry: cello

Paul Biondi: alto saxophone

Dave Peterson: harmonica

Dave Neubert: Dobro guitar



flying canoe

Flying Canoe album cover




“…Björklund and Rickenbaugh handle the vocals superbly, with gorgeous tight harmonies… The material ranges from the madrigal-like a capella ‘To the Water’ to the poignant, haunting traditional-style ballad “Father of Grief” to the contemporary folk rock sound of ‘Rocks and Razors.’ Neil Björklund’s lyrics are compelling, intelligent, a cut above the usual singer-songwriter fare. The whole project is impeccably produced and arranged with guitar, piano, whistles and various percussion. An exceptional, all-original debut! Don’t miss it.”
— Victory Music Review (January ’97)

Recorded in Eugene, OR in 1995. Produced by Neil Bjorklund and Billy Barnett.




Neil Bjorklund: Lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, frame drum, hand drum, bells

Allison Rickenbaugh:  Lead and harmony vocals, tin whistle, harmonica, bodhran, Brazilian whistle, shaker

Bruce Newhouse:  congas, piano, shakers, harmony vocal

Charlie Doggett: drum kit, djembe

Mark Schneider: electric bass

Kate Whitlock: cello

Laura Kemp: harmony vocal

Mark Alan: harmony vocal